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17. Mind and Body / D. Property Dualism / 1. Reductionism critique

[arguments against reducing mind to brain]

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Reduction is impossible because mind is holistic and brain isn't [Davidson, by Maslin]
If the mind is an anomaly, this makes reduction of the mental to the physical impossible [Davidson]
Consciousness has a first-person ontology, so it cannot be reduced without omitting something [Searle]
Maybe intentionality is reducible, but qualia aren't [Kim]
Reductionism is impossible if there aren't any 'bridge laws' between mental and physical [Kim]
Reductionism gets stuck with qualia [Kim]
The problems of misrepresentation and error have dogged physicalist reductions of intentionality [Crane]
Higher-level sciences cannot be reduced, because their concepts mark boundaries invisible at lower levels [Heil]
Higher-level sciences designate real properties of objects, which are not reducible to lower levels [Heil]
Rule-following can't be reduced to the physical [Sturgeon]