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24. Political Theory / C. Ruling a State / 2. Leaders / d. Elites

[rule of a small group, by talent, birth or wealth]

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Men of the highest calibre avoid political life completely [Kongzi (Confucius)]
Only rule by philosophers of integrity can keep a community healthy [Plato]
Reluctant rulers make a better and more unified administration [Plato]
People who buy public office will probably expect to profit from it [Aristotle]
The only virtue special to a ruler is practical wisdom [Aristotle]
The rich can claim to rule, because of land ownership, and being more trustworthy [Aristotle]
The guardians should not be harsh to strangers, as no one should behave like that [Aristotle]
If the nobility is numerous, the senate is the artistocracy, and the nobles are a democracy [Montesquieu]
Aristocracy is democratic if they resemble the people, but not if they resemble the monarch [Montesquieu]
Great inequality between aristocrats and the rest is bad - and also among aristocrats themselves [Montesquieu]
Nobility either share in the power of the whole, or they compose the power of the whole [Hume]
Natural aristocracy is primitive, and hereditary is dreadful, but elective aristocracy is best [Rousseau]
Natural aristocracy is primitive, hereditary is bad, and elective aristocracy is the best [Rousseau]
Large states need a nobility to fill the gap between a single prince and the people [Rousseau]
Hereditary nobility has not been earned, and probably won't be earned [Kant]
Aristocracy is constituted by inherited landed property [Tocqueville]
Only aristocratic societies can elevate the human species [Nietzsche]
A healthy aristocracy has no qualms about using multitudes of men as instruments [Nietzsche]
The controlling morality of aristocracy is the desire to resemble their ancestors [Nietzsche]
Technocrats may be efficient, but they lose legitimacy as soon as they do unpopular things [Reybrouck]
Technocrats are expert managers, who replace politicians, and can be long-term and unpopular [Reybrouck]
If winning elections depends on wealth, we have plutocracy instead of democracy [Tuckness/Wolf]
'If you're aristocratic,' said Nietzsche... [Sommers,W]