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2. Reason / E. Argument / 1. Argument

[reasoning and persuasion in general]

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Arguments are nearly always open to challenge, but they help to explain a position rather than force people to believe [Lewis]
Objection by counterexample is weak, because it only reveals inaccuracies in one theory [Zagzebski]
Valid arguments can be rejected by challenging the premises or presuppositions [Martin,M]
Arguers often turn the opponent's modus ponens into their own modus tollens [Merricks]
My modus ponens might be your modus tollens [Pritchard,D]
Promoting an ontology by its implied good metaphysic is an 'argument-by-display' [Williams,NE]
You can 'rebut' an argument's conclusion, or 'undercut' its premises [Antonelli]
A 'teepee' argument has several mutually supporting planks to it [Cappelen/Dever]
Slippery slope arguments are challenges to show where a non-arbitrary boundary lies [Vetter]