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18. Thought / B. Mechanics of Thought / 3. Modularity of Mind

[theory of separate units of the mind/brain]

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When we need to do something, we depute an inner servant to remind us of it [Proust]
Modules have encapsulation, inaccessibility, private concepts, innateness [Fodor]
Blindness doesn't destroy spatial concepts [Fodor]
Obvious modules are language and commonsense explanation [Fodor]
Something must take an overview of the modules [Fodor]
Modules analyse stimuli, they don't tell you what to do [Fodor]
Modules make the world manageable [Fodor]
Babies talk in consistent patterns [Fodor]
Modules have in-built specialist information [Fodor]
Rationality rises above modules [Fodor]
Mental modules are specialised, automatic, and isolated [Fodor, by Okasha]
Children speak 90% good grammar [Rey]
Good grammar can't come simply from stimuli [Rey]
Brain complexity balances segregation and integration, like a good team of specialists [Edelman/Tononi]