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[science is the way to solve philosophical problems]

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My Meditations are the complete foundation of my physics [Descartes]
Without philosophy, science is barren and futile [Hegel]
Science can drown in detail, so we need broad scientists (to keep out the metaphysicians) [Comte]
Only positivist philosophy can terminate modern social crises [Comte]
I am saturated with the spirit of physical science [Peirce]
Philosophy is an experimental science, resting on common experience [Peirce]
Scientific knowledge is nothing without a prior philosophical 'faith' [Nietzsche]
If philosophy controls science, then it has to determine its scope, and its value [Nietzsche]
Philosophy should be built on science, to reduce error [Russell]
Philosophers usually learn science from each other, not from science [Russell]
Philosophy is similar to science, and has no special source of wisdom [Russell]
Philosophy is not separate from or above empirical science [Neurath]
Science is all the true propositions [Wittgenstein]
Philosophy deals with the questions that scientists do not wish to handle [Ayer]
Philosophy is continuous with science, and has no external vantage point [Quine]
A culture needs to admit that knowledge is more extensive than just 'science' [Putnam]
'True' and 'refers' cannot be made scientically precise, but are fundamental to science [Putnam]
Modern philosophy tends to be a theory-constructing extension of science, but there is also problem-solving [Nagel]
All worthwhile philosophy is synthetic theorizing, evaluated by experience [Papineau]
If infatuation with science leads to bad scientism, its rejection leads to obscurantism [Critchley]
Science gives us an excessively theoretical view of life [Critchley]
Scientism is the view that everything can be explained causally through scientific method [Critchley]
Empirical investigation can't discover if holes exist, or if two things share a colour [Merricks]
Since Kant, philosophers have claimed to understand science better than scientists do [Meillassoux]
Scientism says most knowledge comes from the exact sciences [Hanna]
We should abandon intuitions, especially that the world is made of little things, and made of something [Ladyman/Ross]
The supremacy of science rests on its iterated error filters [Ladyman/Ross]
A metaphysics based on quantum gravity could result in almost anything [Ladyman/Ross]
People who use science to make philosophical points don't realise how philosophical science is [Markosian]
Scientists know everything about nothing, philosophers nothing about everything [Sagan,D]