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23. Ethics / B. Contract Ethics / 2. Golden Rule

[treat others as you would like to be treated]

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Do not do to others what you would not desire yourself [Kongzi (Confucius)]
If people regarded other states as they did their own, they would never attack them [Mozi]
The Torah just says: do not do to your neighbour what is hateful to you [Hillel the Elder]
Treat others as you would have them treat you [Jesus]
For Hobbes the Golden Rule concerns not doing things, whereas Jesus encourages active love [Hobbes, by Flanagan]
We can't want everyone to have more than their share, so a further standard is needed [Leibniz]
The Golden Rule is accepted everywhere, and gives a fixed target for morality [Voltaire]
The better Golden Rule is 'do good for yourself without harming others' [Rousseau]
We shouldn't do to others what would be a wrong to us in similar circumstances [Reid]
The 'golden rule' cannot be a universal law as it implies no duties [Kant]
If you feel to others as they feel to themselves, you must hate a self-hater [Nietzsche]
The Golden Rule prohibits harmful actions, with the premise that actions will be requited [Nietzsche]
The categorical imperative is not the Golden Rule, which concerns contingent desires [Sandel]
Universal moral judgements imply the Golden Rule ('do as you would be done by') [Hooker,B]