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2. Reason / B. Laws of Thought / 1. Laws of Thought

[basic axioms of human reason]

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General principles, even if unconscious, are indispensable for thinking [Leibniz]
Necessities rest on contradiction, and contingencies on sufficient reason [Leibniz]
The laws of thought are true, but they are not the axioms of logic [Bolzano, by George/Van Evra]
The laws of reality are also the laws of thought [Feuerbach]
We should not describe human laws of thought, but how to correctly track truth [Frege, by Fisher]
Three Laws of Thought: identity, contradiction, and excluded middle [Russell]
The law of contradiction is not a 'law of thought', but a belief about things [Russell]
Two long understandable sentences can have an unintelligible conjunction [Sorensen]
The law of noncontradiction is traditionally the most basic principle of rationality [Fogelin]