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3. Truth / A. Truth Problems / 6. Verisimilitude

[process of getting closer to the truth]

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If one error is worse than another, it must be because it is further from the truth [Aristotle]
The one unpardonable offence in reasoning is to block the route to further truth [Peirce]
Truth does not admit of more and less [Frege]
Theories generate infinite truths and falsehoods, so they cannot be used to assess probability [Newton-Smith]
More truthful theories have greater predictive power [Newton-Smith]
Verisimilitude has proved hard to analyse, and seems to have several components [Lewis]
Verisimilitude might be explained as being close to the possible world where the truth is exact [Lewis]
Verisimilitude comes from including more phenomena, and revealing what underlies [Thagard]