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17. Mind and Body / A. Mind-Body Dualism / 5. Parallelism

[mind and matter don't touch, but run in parallel]

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Ideas and things have identical connections and order [Spinoza]
Assume that mind and body follow their own laws, but God has harmonised them [Leibniz]
Maybe mind and body are parallel, like two good clocks [Leibniz]
The soul does know bodies, although they do not influence one another [Leibniz]
We should say that body is mechanism and soul is immaterial, asserting their independence [Leibniz]
Souls act as if there were no bodies, and bodies act as if there were no souls [Leibniz]
Perfections of soul subordinate the body, but imperfections of soul submit to the body [Leibniz]
If parallelism is true, how does the mind know about the body? [Crease]