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3. Truth / D. Coherence Truth / 1. Coherence Truth

[truth is when propositions effectively fit together]

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All items of possible human knowledge are interconnected, and can be reached by inference [Descartes]
Everything in the universe is interconnected, so potentially a mind could know everything [Leibniz]
The true is the whole [Hegel]
Truth is a relation to a whole of organised knowledge in the collection of rational minds [Green,TH, by Muirhead]
Judgements can't be true and known in isolation; the only surety is in connections and relations [Nietzsche]
Ideas are true in so far as they co-ordinate our experiences [James]
New opinions count as 'true' if they are assimilated to an individual's current beliefs [James]
Truth is conceivability, or the systematic coherence of a significant whole [Joachim]
The coherence theory says falsehood is failure to cohere, and truth is fitting into a complete system of Truth [Russell]
Coherence tests for truth without implying correspondence, so truth is not correspondence [Blanshard, by Young,JO]
Coherence with a set of propositions suggests we can know the proposition corresponds [Davidson, by Donnellan]
Coherence truth says a consistent set of sentences is true - which ties truth to belief [Davidson]
Rescher says that if coherence requires mutual entailment, this leads to massive logical redundancy [Dancy,J]
If one theory is held to be true, all the other theories appear false, because they can't be added to the true one [Dancy,J]
Coherence needs positive links, not just absence of conflict [Williams,M]
Justification needs coherence, while truth might be ideal coherence [Williams,M]
Truth in a scenario is the negation in that scenario being a priori incoherent [Chalmers]
The coherence theory says truth is an internal relationship between groups of truth-bearers [Engel]
The coherence theory says truth is coherence of thoughts, and not about objects [Button]
Two propositions could be consistent with your set, but inconsistent with one another [Young,JO]
Coherence theories differ over the coherence relation, and over the set of proposition with which to cohere [Young,JO]
Coherence with actual beliefs, or our best beliefs, or ultimate ideal beliefs? [Young,JO]
Coherent truth is not with an arbitrary set of beliefs, but with a set which people actually do believe [Young,JO]