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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / g. Contemplation

[pure thought as a possible virtue]

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Anaxagoras said a person would choose to be born to contemplate the ordered heavens [Anaxagoras]
Only contemplation is sought for its own sake; practical activity always offers some gain [Aristotle]
Contemplation (with the means to achieve it) is the perfect happiness for man [Aristotle]
The intellectual life is divine in comparison with ordinary human life [Aristotle]
We should aspire to immortality, and live by what is highest in us [Aristotle]
The gods live, but action is unworthy of them, so that only leaves contemplation? [Aristotle]
Lower animals cannot be happy, because they cannot contemplate [Aristotle]
The more people contemplate, the happier they are [Aristotle]
Contemplation is a supreme pleasure and excellence [Aristotle]
The Stoics rejected entirely the high value that had been placed on contemplation [Stoic school, by Taylor,C]
Life and rationality are pointless if we can only contemplate the freedom of our own ego [Jacobi]
Contemplation is final because it is an activity which is not a process [Korsgaard]
For Aristotle, contemplation consists purely of understanding [Korsgaard]