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8. Modes of Existence / D. Universals / 6. Platonic Forms / a. Platonic Forms

[Plato's separate reality of pure ideas]

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I am all the beauty and goodness of things, says Krishna [Anon (Bhag)]
Socrates did not consider universals or definitions as having separate existence, but Plato made Forms of them [Socrates, by Aristotle]
Plato moves from Forms to a theory of genera and principles in his later work [Plato, by Frede,M]
If admirable things have Forms, maybe everything else does as well [Plato]
It would be absurd to think there were abstract Forms for vile things like hair, mud and dirt [Plato]
If absolute ideas existed in us, they would cease to be absolute [Plato]
The concept of a master includes the concept of a slave [Plato]
Greatness and smallness must exist, to be opposed to one another, and come into being in things [Plato]
We must have a prior knowledge of equality, if we see 'equal' things and realise they fall short of it [Plato]
We would have an overpowering love of knowledge if we had a pure idea of it - as with the other Forms [Plato]
Plato's Forms are said to have no location in space [Plato, by Aristotle]
Forms are not universals, as they don't cover every general term [Plato, by Annas]
Craftsmen making furniture refer to the form, but no one manufactures the form of furniture [Plato]
Good thinkers spot forms spread through things, or included within some larger form [Plato]
The not-beautiful is part of the beautiful, though opposed to it, and is just as real [Plato]
Diotima said the Forms are the objects of desire in philosophical discourse [Plato, by Roochnik]
Plato's Forms were seen as part of physics, rather than of metaphysics [Plato, by Annas]
Something will always be well-made if the maker keeps in mind the eternal underlying pattern [Plato]
In addition to the underlying unchanging model and a changing copy of it, there must also be a foundation of all change [Plato]
For knowledge and true opinion to be different there must be Forms; otherwise we are just stuck with sensations [Plato]
When Diogenes said he could only see objects but not their forms, Plato said it was because he had eyes but no intellect [Plato, by Diog. Laertius]
Platonists argue for the indivisible triangle-in-itself [Plato, by Aristotle]
Plato's Forms meant that the sophists only taught the appearance of wisdom and virtue [Plato, by Nehamas]
Forms are said to be substances to which nothing is prior [Aristotle]
Forms are not a theory of universals, but an attempt to explain how predication is possible [Nehamas]
Redness is independent of red things, can do without them, has its own properties, and has identity [Moreland]