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22. Metaethics / B. Value / 2. Values / f. Altruism

[placing the concerns of others before one's self]

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The just man does not harm his enemies, but benefits everyone [Plato]
All altruism is an extension of self-love [Aristotle]
Stoic morality says that one's own happiness will lead to impartiality [Stoic school, by Annas]
Human nature seems incapable of universal malice, except what results from self-love [Hutcheson]
The human heart has a natural concern for public good [Hume]
Reverence is awareness of a value which demolishes my self-love [Kant]
We may claim noble motives, but we cannot penetrate our secret impulses [Kant]
Altruistic people make less distinction than usual between themselves and others [Schopenhauer]
No one has ever done anything that was entirely for other people [Nietzsche]
Altruism is praised by the egoism of the weak, who want everyone to be looked after [Nietzsche]
How can it be that I should prefer my neighbour to myself, but he should prefer me to himself? [Nietzsche]
Pure hard-core altruism based on kin selection is the enemy of civilisation [Wilson,EO]
We undermine altruism by rewarding it, but we reward it to encourage it [Wilson,EO]
If our own life lacks meaning, devotion to others won't give it meaning [Nagel]
For Darwinians, altruism is either contracts or genetics [Flanagan]
Tolerance and love are strategies to avoid encountering our neighbours [Zizek]