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18. Thought / A. Modes of Thought / 5. Rationality / b. Human rationality

[human capacity to reason]

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Socrates first proposed that we are run by mind or reason [Socrates, by Frede,M]
Aristotle makes belief a part of reason, but sees desires as separate [Aristotle, by Sorabji]
Assume our reason is in two parts, one for permanent first principles, and one for variable things [Aristotle]
Aristotle sees reason as much more specific than our more everyday concept of it [Aristotle, by Frede,M]
Descartes created the modern view of rationality, as an internal feature instead of an external vision [Descartes, by Taylor,C]
Everybody overrates their own reasoning, so it is clearly superficial [Peirce]
The fanatical rationality of Greek philosophy shows that they were in a state of emergency [Nietzsche]
It seems that we feel rational when we detect no irrationality [James]
The human intellect has not been, and cannot be, fully formalized [Nagel/Newman]
Full rationality must include morality [Foot]
Rationality is one part of our conception of human flourishing [Putnam]
People are wildly inaccurate in estimating probabilities about an observed event [Lowe]
'Base rate neglect' makes people favour the evidence over its background [Lowe]
We are also irrational, with a unique ability to believe in bizarre self-created fictions [Fogelin]