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27. Natural Reality / D. Time / 2. Passage of Time / a. Experience of time

[how we experience the nature of time]

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Heavenly movements gave us the idea of time, and caused us to inquire about the heavens [Plato]
Time is not change, but requires change in our minds to be noticed [Aristotle]
We can only sense time by means of movement, or its absence [Lucretius]
I know what time is, until someone asks me to explain it [Augustine]
If everything in the universe happened a year earlier, there would be no discernible difference [Leibniz]
That times cannot be simultaneous is synthetic, so it is known by intuition, not analysis [Kant]
The three modes of time are persistence, succession and simultaneity [Kant]
There could be no time if nothing changed [McTaggart]
We never experience times, but only succession of events [Russell]
For abstractionists past times might still exist, althought their objects don't [Baron/Miller]
The error theory of time's passage says it is either a misdescription or a false inference [Baron/Miller]