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25. Social Practice / D. Justice / 2. The Law / b. Rule of law

[the law has ultimate authority in the state]

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Magna Carta forbids prison without trial, and insists on neutral and correct process [-, by Charvet]
The people should fight for the law as if for their city-wall [Heraclitus]
The 'Eumenides' of Aeschylus shows blood feuds replaced by law [Aeschylus, by Grayling]
Correct law should be in control, with rulers only deciding uncertain issues [Aristotle]
It is said that we should not stick strictly to written law, as it is too vague [Aristotle]
It is preferable that law should rule rather than any single citizen [Aristotle]
Rule of law is superior to autonomy, because citizens can see what is expected [Hooker,R]
Justice superior to the rule of law is claimed on behalf of the workers, or the will of the nation [Charvet]
The rule of law mainly benefits those with property and liberties [Charvet]
The 1689 Bill of Rights denied the monarch new courts, or the right to sit as judge [Charvet]
From 1701 only parliament could remove judges, whose decisions could not be discussed [Charvet]
The rule of law is mainly to restrict governments [Charvet]