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12. Knowledge Sources / E. Direct Knowledge / 1. Common Sense

[everyday thought, treated with respect]

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It is enough if we refute the objections and leave common opinions undisturbed [Aristotle]
If everyone believes it, it is true [Aristotle]
Reid is seen as the main direct realist of the eighteenth century [Reid, by Robinson,H]
In obscure matters the few must lead the many, but the many usually lead in common sense [Reid]
Many truths seem obvious, and point to universal agreement - which is what we find [Reid]
There are very few really obvious truths, and not much can be proved from them [Sosa]
Commonsense realism must account for the similarity of genuine perceptions and known illusions [Lockwood]
Apprehension is a complex intellect grasping the essence of a complex object [Holt,L]
A chief task of philosophy is making reflective sense of our common sense worldview [Thomasson]