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27. Natural Reality / E. Cosmology / 2. Eternal Universe

[no beginning for the universe]

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Originally there must have been just Existence, which could not come from non-existence [Anon (Upan)]
The parts of all things are susceptible to change, but the whole is unchangeable [Anaximander, by Diog. Laertius]
The cosmos is eternal not created, and is an ever-living and changing fire [Heraclitus]
Nothing could come out of nothing [Melissus]
If each thing can cease to be, why hasn't absolutely everything ceased to be long ago? [Aristotle]
Do things come to be from what is, or from what is not? Both seem problematical. [Aristotle]
The cosmos is regularly consumed and reorganised by the primary fire [Stoic school, by Aristocles]
Nothing can be created by divine power out of nothing [Lucretius]