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25. Social Practice / A. Freedoms / 3. Free speech

[extent to which opinions can be freely expressed]

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Diogenes said that the most excellent thing among men was freedom of speech [Diogenes of Sin., by Diog. Laertius]
Nothing we say can be worse than unsaying it in the face of authority [Montaigne]
Treason may be committed as much by words as by deeds [Spinoza]
Freedom of speech and writing, within the law, is essential to preserve liberty [Montesquieu]
No government has ever suffered by being too tolerant of philosophy [Hume]
Enlightenment requires the free use of reason in the public realm [Kant]
Free speech is very precious, and everyone may speak and write freely (but take responsibility for it) [Mirabeau/committee]
The freedom of the press to sell poison outweighs its usefulness [Schopenhauer]
Liberty arises at the point where people can freely and equally discuss things [Mill]
The liberty of the press is more valuable for what it prevents than what it promotes [Tocqueville]
Deliberate public lying should be punished [Weil]
In the liberal view an insult to my group doesn't hurt me, since I'm defined by choices not groups [Sandel]
If persons define themselves by a group membership, insults to that group are a real harm [Sandel]
Free speech does not include the right to shout 'Fire!' in a crowded theatre [Tuckness/Wolf]
Allowing defamatory speech is against society's interests, by blurring which people are trustworthy [Charvet]
Liberal free speech is actually paid speech [Gopnik]