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24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 12. Feminism

[giving women a full role in government and society]

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Both women and children should be educated, as this contributes to a city's excellence [Aristotle]
Women have no role in politics [Kant]
If women share rights with men, they will exhibit similar virtues [Wollstonecraft]
Even educated women are unsuited to science, philosophy, art and government [Hegel]
One is not born, but rather becomes a woman [Beauvoir]
Women are often treated like children, and not respected for their choices [Nussbaum]
Liberals must respect family freedom - but families are the great oppressors of women [Nussbaum]
Difference feminists say women differ fundamentally from men [Dobson]
As a young girl assumes her status as feminine, she acts in a more fragile immobile way [Young,IM]
Men have had the power to structure all of our social institutions [Swift]