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24. Political Theory / A. Basis of a State / 1. A People / a. Human distinctiveness

[what distinguishes humanity from other animals]

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God made man in his own image [Anon (Tor)]
Society collapses if people cannot rely on exchanging good for good and evil for evil [Aristotle]
Even more than a social being, man is a pairing and family being [Aristotle]
Man is by nature a political animal [Aristotle]
People want to live together, even when they don't want mutual help [Aristotle]
Only humans have reason [Aristotle]
Man is intrinsically a civilized animal [Aristotle]
Man is distinguished by knowing conditional truths, because impressions are connected [Stoic school, by Long]
Humans are naturally made for co-operation [Aurelius]
If people are obedient to reason, they will live in harmony [Spinoza]
Humans are less distinguished from other animals by understanding, than by being free agents [Rousseau]
Humans are distinguished from animals by their capacity to set themselves any sort of end [Kant]
Man is both social, and unsociable [Kant]
Man is not a particular being, like animals, but a universal being [Feuerbach]
The essence of man is in community, but with distinct individuals [Feuerbach]
Men distinguish themselves from animals when they begin to produce their means of subsistence [Marx/Engels]
Individuals are mutually hostile unless they group together in competition with other groups [Marx/Engels]
Producing their own subsistence distinguishes men from animals [Marx/Engels]
Man is above all a judging animal [Nietzsche]
Maybe humans are distinguished from other animals by feelings, rather than reason [Unamuno]
Since Hegel we have tended to see a human as merely animal if it is outside a society [Rorty]
We are distinct from other animals in behaving rationally - pursuing something as good, for reasons [Hursthouse]
Humans dominate because, unlike other animals, they have a synthesis of conflicting drives [Richardson]