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9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 2. Abstract Objects / d. Problems with abstracta

[difficulties in understanding abstract objects]

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If a genuine singular term needs a criterion of identity, we must exclude abstract nouns [Dummett, by Hale]
Abstract objects can never be confronted, and need verbal phrases for reference [Dummett]
Abstract objects need the context principle, since they can't be encountered directly [Dummett]
Abstract objects are only applicable to the world if they are impure, and connect to the physical [Field,H]
Abstract objects wouldn't be very popular without the implicit idea of truthmakers [Heil]
We can't believe in a 'whereabouts' because we ask 'what kind of object is it?' [Hale]
How we refer to abstractions is much less clear than how we refer to other things [Rosen]