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8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 2. Need for Properties

[why philosophy might need the concept of a 'property']

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Aristotle promoted the importance of properties and objects (rather than general and particular) [Aristotle, by Frede,M]
For two things to differ in some respect, they must both possess that respect [Aristotle]
Without properties we would be unable to express the laws of nature [Armstrong]
We need properties, as minimal truthmakers for the truths about objects [Armstrong]
A property is merely a constituent of laws of nature; temperature is just part of thermodynamics [Mellor]
To be a 'property' is to suit a theoretical role [Lewis]
There are just as many properties as the laws require [Oliver]
We need properties to explain how the world works [Heil]
We accept properties because of type/tokens, reference, and quantification [Edwards]