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7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 8. Facts / b. Types of fact

[possible different types of fact]

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There are simple and complex facts; the latter depend on further facts [Chrysippus, by Cicero]
Russell asserts atomic, existential, negative and general facts [Russell, by Armstrong]
There are no positive or negative facts; these are just the forms of propositions [Wittgenstein]
That Queen Anne is dead is a 'general fact', not a fact about Queen Anne [Prior,AN]
Negative facts are supervenient on positive facts, suggesting they are positive facts [Armstrong]
Since 'no bird here' and 'no squirrel here' seem the same, we must talk of 'atomic' facts [Dummett]
Facts are object-plus-extension, or property-plus-set-of-properties, or object-plus-property [McGinn]
Why can there not be disjunctive, conditional and negative facts? [Kirkham]
Tensed and tenseless sentences state two sorts of fact, which belong to two different 'realms' of reality [Fine,K]
There is only one fact - the True [Schaffer,J]
We may believe in atomic facts, but surely not complex disjunctive ones? [Horsten]
Worldly facts are obtaining states of affairs, with constituents; conceptual facts also depend on concepts [Audi,P]