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7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 11. Ontological Commitment / b. Commitment of quantifiers

[ontological commitment of 'all' or 'some']

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It is currently held that quantifying over something implies belief in its existence [Ayer]
We can use quantification for commitment to unnameable things like the real numbers [Quine]
Existence is implied by the quantifiers, not by the constants [Quine]
To be is to be the value of a variable, which amounts to being in the range of reference of a pronoun [Quine]
"No entity without identity" - our ontology must contain items with settled identity conditions [Quine, by Melia]
First- and second-order quantifiers are two ways of referring to the same things [Boolos]
Singular terms in true sentences must refer to objects; there is no further question about their existence [Wright,C]
Ontological claims are often universal, and not a matter of existential quantification [Fine,K]
If objectual quantifiers ontologically commit, so does the metalanguage for its semantics [Azzouni]