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3. Truth / G. Axiomatic Truth / 3. KF Truth Axioms

[Kripke-Feferman axiomatisation of truth]

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Kripke classified fixed points, and illuminated their use for clarifications [Kripke, by Halbach]
Kripke-Feferman has truth gaps, instead of classical logic, and aims for maximum strength [Horsten]
Kripke-Feferman theory KF axiomatises Kripke fixed-points, with Strong Kleene logic with gluts [Halbach]
The KF is much stronger deductively than FS, which relies on classical truth [Halbach]
The KF theory is useful, but it is not a theory containing its own truth predicate [Halbach]
KF is formulated in classical logic, but describes non-classical truth, which allows truth-value gluts [Halbach/Leigh]