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[philosophy explores where reason take us]

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We shouldn't always follow where the argument leads! [Lewis on Plato]
The winds of the discussion should decide its destination [Plato]
Philosophy is the collection of rational arguments [Cicero]
Definitions are the first step in philosophy [Hobbes]
Reason is only interested in knowledge, actions and hopes [Kant]
Because there is only one human reason, there can only be one true philosophy from principles [Kant]
Consistency is the highest obligation of a philosopher [Kant]
If we look at the world rationally, the world assumes a rational aspect [Hegel]
An idea on its own isn't an idea, because they are continuous systems [Peirce]
Discoveries in mathematics can challenge philosophy, and offer it a new foundation [Russell]
Philosophers should abandon speculation, as philosophy is wholly critical [Ayer]
Philosophy aims to build foundations for thought [Derrida, by May]
Like disastrous small errors in navigation, small misunderstandings can wreck intellectual life [Harré/Madden]
Philosophy aims to reveal the grandeur of mathematics [Badiou]
We overvalue whether arguments are valid, and undervalue whether they are interesting [Monk]
Progress in philosophy is incremental, not an immature seeking after drama [Williamson]
Interesting philosophers hardly every give you explicitly valid arguments [Martin,M]