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[philosophy takes us beyond ordinary life]

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Philosophy is a purification of the soul ready for the afterlife [Plato]
We should come to philosophy free from any taint of culture [Epicurus]
Philosophy has its own mode of death, by separating soul from body [Porphyry]
True philosophy aims at absolute unity, while our understanding sees only separation [Hegel]
Philosophy aims to reveal the necessity and rationality of the categories of nature and spirit [Hegel, by Houlgate]
Only that which can be an object of religion is an object of philosophy [Feuerbach]
When philosophy makes itself intelligible, it commits suicide [Heidegger]
Later Heidegger sees philosophy as more like poetry than like science [Heidegger, by Polt]
Philosophy aims to change the soul, not to accumulate knowledge [Weil]
It seems mad, but the aim of philosophy is to climb outside of our own minds [Nagel]
Philosophy aims to satisfy the chief human desire - the articulation of beauty itself [Roochnik]
Philosophy is transcendental questioning (not supporting science or constructing ontology) [Zizek]