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26. Natural Theory / B. Natural Kinds / 2. Defining Kinds

[what exactly is a natural kind?]

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By knowing one piece of clay or gold, you know all of clay or gold [Anon (Upan)]
All water is the same, because of a certain similarity [Aristotle]
Men started with too few particular names, but later had too few natural kind names [Rousseau]
What is true of one piece of copper is true of another (unlike brass) [Peirce]
There are natural kinds of processes [Ellis]
Kinds are arrangements of dispositions [Fetzer]
Natural kinds are defined by their real essence, as in gold having atomic number 79 [Rowlands]
If F is a universal appearing in a natural law, then Fs form a natural kind [Bird]
Maybe two kinds are the same if there is no change of entropy on isothermal mixing [Hendry]