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7. Existence / E. Categories / 5. Category Anti-Realism

[belief that our categories can't or don't map reality]

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It is not possible to know what sort each thing is [Democritus]
Our words and concepts don't always correspond to what is out there [William of Ockham]
Ockham was an anti-realist about the categories [William of Ockham, by Pasnau]
There are no gaps in the continuum of nature, and everything has something closely resembling it [Locke]
Hegel said Kant's fixed categories actually vary with culture and era [Hegel, by Houlgate]
Categories are not metaphysical truths, but inventions in the service of needs [Nietzsche]
Philosophers find it particularly hard to shake off belief in necessary categories [Nietzsche]
Nihilism results from valuing the world by the 'categories of reason', because that is fiction [Nietzsche]
A world can be full of variety or not, depending on how we sort it [Goodman]
Discourse generally departmentalizes itself to some degree [Quine]
We don't want another new set of categories; we want a variety of flexible categories [Deleuze, by May]
Extreme nominalists say all classification is arbitrary convention [Quinton]
If some peoples do not have categories like time or cause, they can't be essential features of rationality [Cooper,DE]
Concepts don't carve up the world, which has endless overlooked or ignored divisions [Heil]
Ontological categories are like formal axioms, not unique and with necessary membership [Westerhoff]
Categories merely systematise, and are not intrinsic to objects [Westerhoff]
A thing's ontological category depends on what else exists, so it is contingent [Westerhoff]
Continuous experience sometimes needs imposition of boundaries to create categories [Ellen]
There may be ad hoc categories, such as the things to pack in your suitcase for a trip [Machery]