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8. Modes of Existence / C. Powers and Dispositions / 3. Powers as Derived

[powers as products of something more basic]

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A power is not a cause, but an aptitude for a cause [Zabarella]
All powers can be explained by obvious features like size, shape and motion of matter [Descartes]
The complete power of an event is just the aggregate of the qualities that produced it [Hobbes]
The essence of whiteness in a man is nothing but the power to produce the idea of whiteness [Locke]
It is obvious that there could not be a power without a subject which possesses it [Reid]
Dispositions are physical states of mechanism; when known, these replace the old disposition term [Quine]
Basic powers may not be explained by structure, if at the bottom level there is no structure [Ellis]
Maybe dispositions can be explained by intrinsic properties or structures [Ellis]
I now deny that properties are cluster of powers, and take causal properties as basic [Shoemaker]
Things have powers in virtue of (which are entailed by) their properties [Shoemaker]
One power can come from different properties; a thing's powers come from its properties [Shoemaker]
Properties are functions producing powers, and powers are functions producing effects [Shoemaker]
Powers are not qualities; they just point to directions of empirical investigation [Harré/Madden]
A disposition needs a causal basis, a property in a certain causal role. Could the disposition be the property? [Lewis]
All dispositions must have causal bases [Lewis]
Lewisian properties have powers because of their relationships to other properties [Lewis, by Hawthorne]
Powers or dispositions are usually seen as caused by lower-level qualities [Heil]
Dispositions are classifications of properties by functional role [Mumford]
If dispositions have several categorical realisations, that makes the two separate [Mumford]
I say the categorical base causes the disposition manifestation [Mumford]
If all properties are potencies, and stimuli and manifestation characterise them, there is a regress [Bird]
The essence of a potency involves relations, e.g. mass, to impressed force and acceleration [Bird]
Powers are not just basic forces, since they combine to make new powers [Mumford/Anjum]