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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 2. Types of Existence

[whether there is more than one type of existence]

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Existence is either potential or actual [Aristotle]
Some things exist as substances, others as properties of substances [Aristotle]
I prefer a lack of form to mean non-existence, than to think of some quasi-existence [Augustine]
Everything that exists is either a substance or an accident [Albert of Saxony]
Outside the mind, there are just things and their properties [Spinoza]
The more reality a thing has, the more attributes it has [Spinoza]
There is no medium state between existence and non-existence [Hume]
Matter and intellect are inseparable correlatives which only exist relatively, and for each other [Schopenhauer]
Thoughts in the 'third realm' cannot be sensed, and do not need an owner to exist [Frege]
For Quine, there is only one way to exist [Quine, by Shapiro]
We can't accept a use of 'existence' that says only some of the things there are actually exist [Lewis]
There are only two kinds: sets, and possibilia (actual and possible particulars) [Lewis, by Oliver]
Existence doesn't come in degrees; once asserted, it can't then be qualified [Lewis]
Lewis's distinction of 'existing' from 'being actual' is Meinong's between 'existing' and 'subsisting' [Lycan on Lewis]
If 'exist' is ambiguous in 'chairs and numbers exist', that mirrors the difference between chairs and numbers [Fodor]
The idea that 'exist' has multiple senses is not coherent [Wright,C]
There are levels of existence, as well as reality; objects exist at the lowest level in which they can function [Fine,K]
Do mathematicians use 'existence' differently when they say some entity exists? [Anderson,CA]