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23. Ethics / C. Virtue Theory / 3. Virtues / e. Honour

[high public esteem as a virtue]

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Sophoclean heroes die terrible deaths when they oppose the new Athenian values [Sophocles, by Grayling]
Should a coward who ran fifty paces from a battle laugh at another who ran a hundred? [Mengzi (Mencius)]
Honour depends too much on the person who awards it [Aristotle]
If you aim at honour, you make yourself dependent on the people to whom you wish to be superior [Aristotle, by Williams,B]
Honour is clearly the greatest external good [Aristotle]
Honour depends on what it is for, and whether it is bestowed by worthy people [Aristotle]
Honour is just, courageous, orderly or knowledgeable. It is praiseworthy, or functions well [Stoic school, by Diog. Laertius]
Every worthy man has a principle of honour, and knows what is honourable [Reid]
The supposed great lovers of honour (Alexander etc) were actually great despisers of honour [Nietzsche]
Willingness to risk life was the constitutive quality of the man of honour [Taylor,C]
In an honour code shame is the supreme punishment, and revenge is a duty [Grayling]