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19. Language / E. Analyticity / 2. Analytic Truths

[propositions that are true simply because of their words]

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The notion of analytic truth is absent in Aristotle [Aristotle, by Politis]
The ground of a pure conceptual truth is only in other conceptual truths [Bolzano]
All analytic truths can become logical truths, by substituting definitions or synonyms [Frege, by Rey]
Analytic truths are those that can be demonstrated using only logic and definitions [Frege, by Miller,A]
An analytic truth is one which becomes a logical truth when some synonyms have been replaced [Cooper,DE]
Many conceptual truths ('yellow is extended') are not analytic, as derived from logic and definitions [Hale/Wright]
In two-dimensional semantics we have two aspects to truth in virtue of meaning [Chalmers]
Analytic truth may only be true in virtue of the meanings of certain terms [Fine,K]
The meaning of 'bachelor' is irrelevant to the meaning of 'unmarried man' [Fine,K]
'Jones is a married bachelor' does not have the logical form of a contradiction [Miller,A]
There are no truths in virtue of meaning, but there is knowability in virtue of understanding [Boghossian, by Jenkins]
Conventions are contingent and analytic truths are necessary, so that isn't their explanation [Sider]