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9. Objects / B. Unity of Objects / 3. Unity Problems / b. Cat and its tail

[objects contained within other objects]

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Dion and Theon coexist, but Theon lacks a foot. If Dion loses a foot, he ousts Theon? [Chrysippus, by Philo of Alexandria]
If cats are vague, we deny that the many cats are one, or deny that the one cat is many [Lewis]
Tib goes out of existence when the tail is lost, because Tib was never the 'cat' [Burke,M, by Sider]
A CAR and its major PART can become identical, yet seem to have different properties [Gallois]
If Tib is all of Tibbles bar her tail, when Tibbles loses her tail, two different things become one [Sider]
Are sortals spatially maximal - so no cat part is allowed to be a cat? [Hawley]
Does Tibbles remain the same cat when it loses its tail? [Simons]
Tibbles isn't Tib-plus-tail, because Tibbles can survive its loss, but the sum can't [Simons]