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12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 1. Perception

[process from raw experience to awareness of reality]

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Parmenides treats perception and intellectual activity as the same [Theophrastus on Parmenides]
Snow is not white, and doesn't even appear white, because it is made of black water [Anaxagoras, by Cicero]
Perception is infallible, suggesting that it is knowledge [Plato]
Our senses could have been separate, but they converge on one mind [Plato]
Our minds take on the form of what is being perceived [Aristotle, by Mares]
Perception necessitates pleasure and pain, which necessitates appetite [Aristotle]
Why can't we sense the senses? And why do senses need stimuli? [Aristotle]
Why do we have many senses, and not just one? [Aristotle]
Sense organs aren't the end of sensation, or they would know what does the sensing [Aristotle]
Perception of sensible objects is virtually never wrong [Aristotle]
You cannot understand anything through perception [Aristotle]
If we have complete healthy senses, what more could the gods give us? [Cicero]
Our images of bodies are not produced by the bodies, but by our own minds [Augustine, by Aquinas]
The senses deceive, but also show their own errors [Bacon]
'Perception' is basic internal representation, and 'apperception' is reflective knowledge of perception [Leibniz]
Not all of perception is accompanied by consciousness [Leibniz]
Sensation is not committed to any external object, but perception is [Reid]
The sensible is distinguished from thought by being about singular things [Hegel]
Experience is immediacy, unity, forces, self-awareness, reason, culture, absolute being [Hegel, by Houlgate]
We became increasingly conscious of our sense impressions in order to communicate them [Nietzsche]
All sense perceptions are permeated with value judgements (useful or harmful) [Nietzsche]
Perception is either direct realism, indirect realism, or phenomenalism [Dancy,J]
Perceptual concepts causally influence the content of our experiences [Peacocke]
Perception (which involves an assessment) is a higher state than sensation [Scruton]
Can we reduce perception to acquisition of information, which is reduced to causation or disposition? [Robinson,H]
Would someone who recovered their sight recognise felt shapes just by looking? [Robinson,H]
'Perception' means either an action or a mental state [Chalmers]
Perception causes beliefs in us, without inference or justification [Pollock/Cruz]
How can one discriminate yellow from red, but not the colours in between? [Williamson]
An error theory of perception says our experience is not as it seems to be [Martin,M]
Perception is sensation-then-concept, or direct-concepts, or sensation-saturated-in-concepts [Maund]
We have more than five senses; balance and proprioception, for example [Mumford/Anjum]
In phenomenology, all perception is 'seeing as' [Zimmermann,J]
"My dog's got synaesthesia." How does he smell? ..... [Sommers,W]