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4. Formal Logic / G. Formal Mereology / 3. Axioms of Mereology

[basic principles for reasoning about parts and wholes]

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A part of a part is a part of a whole [Hobbes]
y is only a proper part of x if there is a z which 'makes up the difference' between them [Yablo]
We might combine the axioms of set theory with the axioms of mereology [Fine,K]
Which should be primitive in mereology - part, or overlap? [Sider]
Two standard formalisations of part-whole theory are the Calculus of Individuals, and Mereology [Simons]
Classical mereology doesn't handle temporal or modal notions very well [Simons]
The part-relation is transitive and asymmetric (and thus irreflexive) [Simons]
Each wheel is part of a car, but the four wheels are not a further part [Simons]
Extensional mereology needs two definitions and two axioms [Hossack]