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10. Modality / C. Sources of Modality / 4. Necessity from Concepts

[necessity based on relations of concepts]

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3+4=7 is necessary because we cannot conceive of seven without including three and four [Descartes]
Formal experience conditions show what is possible, and general conditions what is necessary [Kant]
Necessary truths derive from basic assertion and negation [Fichte, by Pinkard]
Is conceptual necessity just conventional, or does it mirror something about nature? [Harré/Madden]
There is a conceptual necessity when properties become a standard part of a nominal essence [Harré/Madden]
The necessity of a proposition concerns reality, not our words or concepts [Stalnaker]
Conceptual possibilities are metaphysical possibilities we can conceive of [Stalnaker]
The source of de dicto necessity is not concepts, but the actual properties of the thing [Forbes,G]
De re necessity is a form of conceptual necessity, just as de dicto necessity is [Forbes,G]
Conceptual necessities rest on the nature of all concepts [Fine,K]
Conceptual necessities are made true by all concepts [Hale]
Concept-identities explain how we know necessities, not why they are necessary [Hale]
Humeans says mathematics and logic are necessary because that is how our concept of necessity works [Sider]