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18. Thought / D. Concepts / 2. Origin of Concepts / c. Nativist concepts

[concepts as innate or native ingredients of minds]

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A blind man may still contain the idea of colour [Descartes]
The ideas of God and of my self are innate in me [Descartes]
I can think of innumerable shapes I have never experienced [Descartes]
The idea of a supremely perfect being is within me, like the basic concepts of mathematics [Descartes]
Qualia must be innate, because physical motions do not contain them [Descartes]
The mind's innate ideas are part of its capacity for thought [Descartes]
Innate ideas are nothing, if they are in the mind but we are unaware of them [Locke]
Where does the bird's idea of a nest come from? [Joubert]
Chomsky now says concepts are basically innate, as well as syntax [Chomsky, by Lowe]
Fodor is now less keen on the innateness of concepts [Fodor, by Lowe]
Experience can't explain itself; the concepts needed must originate outside experience [Fodor]
If concept-learning is hypothesis-testing, that needs innate concepts to get started [Fodor, by Margolis/Laurence]
We have an innate capacity to form a concept, once we have grasped the stereotype [Fodor]
It seems unlikely that most concepts are innate, if a theory must be understood to grasp them [Kirk,R]
The concepts OBJECT or AGENT may be innate [Machery]