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18. Thought / D. Concepts / 4. Structure of Concepts / f. Theory theory of concepts

[concepts as components of our theories of reality]

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The concept of 'green' involves a battery of other concepts [Sellars]
A 'conception' of a horse is a full theory of what it is (and not just the 'concept') [Wiggins]
The theory theory can't actually tell us what concepts are [Fodor]
Concepts are constituted by their role in a group of propositions to which we are committed [Peacocke, by Greco]
Theory-based concepts use rich models to show which similarities really matter [Gelman]
We do not learn concepts in isolation, but as an integrated part of broader knowledge [Murphy]
Concepts with familiar contents are easier to learn [Murphy]
Some knowledge is involved in instant use of categories, other knowledge in explanations [Murphy]
People categorise things consistent with their knowledge, even rejecting some good evidence [Murphy]
The theory theory is holistic, so how can people have identical concepts? [Margolis/Laurence]
The theory theory of concepts says they are parts of theories, defined by their roles [Margolis/Laurence]
The theory account is sometimes labelled as 'knowledge' or 'explanation' in approach [Machery]
Theory Theory says category concepts are knowledge stores explaining membership [Machery]
Theory Theory says concepts are explanatory knowledge, and concepts form domains [Machery]
Theory theorists rely on best explanation, rather than on similarities [Machery]
If categorisation is not by similarity, it seems to rely on what properties things might have [Machery]