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7. Existence / B. Change in Existence / 2. Processes

[accepting purposeful sequences of happenings as existents]

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All comings-to-be are passings-away, and vice versa [Aristotle]
An actuality is usually thought to be a process [Aristotle]
In Whitehead 'processes' consist of events beginning and ending [Whitehead, by Simons]
A river is a process, with stages; if we consider it as one thing, we are considering a process [Quine]
Objects and substances are a subcategory of the natural kinds of processes [Ellis]
Process philosophy insists that processes are not inferior in being to substances [Rescher]
Activities have place, rate, duration, entities, properties, modes, direction, polarity, energy and range [Machamer/Darden/Craver]
Four-dimensionalism sees things and processes as belonging in the same category [Sider]
Slow and continuous events (like balding or tree-growth) are called 'processes', not 'events' [Simons]
Maybe processes behave like stuff-nouns, and events like count-nouns [Simons]
Fans of process ontology cheat, since river-stages refer to 'rivers' [Simons]
I don't believe in processes [Simons]
Any process can be described as transfer of measurable information [Ladyman/Ross]
Processes don't begin or end; they just change direction unexpectedly [Williams,NE]
Processes are either strings of short unchanging states, or continuous and unreducible events [Williams,NE]
A process is unified as an expression of a collection of causal powers [Mumford/Anjum]
Process philosophy places the dynamic nature of being at the centre of our theories [Seibt]
Reductionists identify processes by their 'owner', but tornadoes etc. are processes without owners [Seibt]
Traditionally small things add up to processes, but quantum mechanics reverses this [Seibt]
Quantum mechanics deals with processes, rather than with things [Rovelli]
Basic processes are said to be either physical, or organic, or psychological [Ingthorsson]