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9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 7. Essence and Necessity / a. Essence as necessary properties

[essence just is necessary properties]

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The essence is the necessary properties, and the concept includes what is contingent [Leibniz]
The essence is that without which a thing can neither be, nor be conceived to be [Mill]
An essential property is true of an object in any case where it would have existed [Kripke]
De re modality is an object having essential properties [Kripke]
Essentialism says some of a thing's properties are necessary, and could not be absent [Cartwright,R]
An essential property is one had in all the possible worlds where a thing exists [Stalnaker]
Essentially, a has P, always had P, must have had P, and has never had a future without P [Brody]
An object having a property essentially is equivalent to its having it necessarily [Brody]
'Socrates is essentially human' seems to say nothing could be Socrates if it was not human [Stalnaker]
Essentialism is the existence of a definite answer as to whether an entity fulfils a condition [Gibbard]
An essential property is one possessed by all counterparts [Lewis, by Elder]
Kripkean essential properties and relations are necessary, in all genuinely possible worlds [Soames]
Essentialism says some properties must be possessed, if a thing is to exist [Salmon,N]
A relation is essential to two items if it holds in every world where they exist [Forbes,G]
Essential properties are those without which an object could not exist [Forbes,G]
Essentialist claims can be formulated more clearly with quantified modal logic [Fine,K]
Simple modal essentialism refers to necessary properties of an object [Fine,K]
Modern essences are sets of essential predicate-functions [Cover/O'Leary-Hawthorne]
Modern essentialists express essence as functions from worlds to extensions for predicates [Cover/O'Leary-Hawthorne]
The distinction between necessary and essential properties can be ignored [Rocca]
Modal accounts make essence less mysterious, by basing them on the clearer necessity [Vetter]