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12. Knowledge Sources / A. A Priori Knowledge / 11. Denying the A Priori

[there is no possibility of real knowledge a priori]

10 ideas
No pictures are true a priori [Wittgenstein]
Quine's objections to a priori knowledge only work in the domain of science [Horwich on Quine]
Science is empirical, simple and conservative; any belief can hence be abandoned; so no a priori [Quine, by Horwich]
Logic, arithmetic and geometry are revisable and a posteriori; quantum logic could be right [Horwich on Quine]
What is considered a priori changes as language changes [Habermas, by Bowie]
Platonism defines the a priori in a way that makes it unknowable [Coffa]
The idea of the a priori is so obscure that it won't explain anything [Devitt]
Some knowledge must be empirical; naturalism implies that all knowledge is like that [Devitt]
The failure of key assumptions in geometry, mereology and set theory throw doubt on the a priori [Hart,WD]
We may have strong a priori beliefs which we pragmatically drop from our best theory [Boghossian]