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28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / c. Teleological Proof critique

[denying that order and harmony prove God]

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Democritus said people imagined gods as the source of what awed or frightened them [Democritus, by Sext.Empiricus]
People used to think anything helpful to life was a god, as the Egyptians think the Nile a god [Prodicus]
The universe can't have been created by gods, because it is too imperfect [Lucretius]
If everything with regular movement and order is divine, then recurrent illnesses must be divine [Cicero]
You can't infer the cause to be any greater than its effect [Hume]
Analogy suggests that God has a very great human mind [Hume]
How can we pronounce on a whole after a brief look at a very small part? [Hume]
Why would we infer an infinite creator from a finite creation? [Hume]
If the divine cause is proportional to its effects, the effects are finite, so the Deity cannot be infinite [Hume]
From a ship you would judge its creator a genius, not a mere humble workman [Hume]
This excellent world may be the result of a huge sequence of trial-and-error [Hume]
From our limited view, we cannot tell if the universe is faulty [Hume]
The universe may be the result of trial-and-error [Hume]
Design cannot prove a unified Deity. Many men make a city, so why not many gods for a world? [Hume]
Humans renew their species sexually. If there are many gods, would they not do the same? [Hume]
This Creator god might be an infant or incompetent or senile [Hume]
Order may come from an irrational source as well as a rational one [Hume]
Creation is more like vegetation than human art, so it won't come from reason [Hume]
Motion often begins in matter, with no sign of a controlling agent [Hume]
The universe could settle into superficial order, without a designer [Hume]
Ideas arise from objects, not vice versa; ideas only influence matter if they are linked [Hume]
A surprise feature of all products of 9 looks like design, but is actually a necessity [Hume]
Using God to explain nature is referring to something inconceivable to explain what is in front of you [Kant]
From our limited knowledge we can infer great virtues in God, but not ultimate ones [Kant]
We don't get a love of 'order' from nature - which is thoroughly chaotic [Mill]
The wonderful design of a woodpecker looks diabolical to its victims [James]
Things with parts always have some structure, so they always appear to be designed [James]
If God is an orderly being, he cannot be the explanation of order [Davies,B]