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23. Ethics / F. Existentialism / 4. Boredom

[there seems to be nothing worth doing]

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Plato is boring [Nietzsche on Plato]
We are bored by people to whom we ourselves are boring [Rochefoucauld]
Boredom is only felt by those clever enough to need activity [Schopenhauer]
Human life is a mistake, shown by boredom, which is direct awareness of the fact [Schopenhauer]
The plebeians bore others; only the nobility bore themselves [Kierkegaard]
Our destiny is the highest pitch of world-weariness [Kierkegaard]
To ward off boredom at any cost is vulgar [Nietzsche]
People do not experience boredom if they have never learned to work properly [Nietzsche]
Flight from boredom leads to art [Nietzsche]
Boredom always involves not being fully occupied [Russell]
Life is now more interesting, but boredom is more frightening [Russell]
Happiness involves enduring boredom, and the young should be taught this [Russell]
Boredom is an increasingly strong motivating power [Russell]
Culture is now dominated by boredom, so universal it is unnoticed [Heidegger, by Aho]
Life needs risks to avoid sickly boredom [Weil]
You are stuck in the past if you don't know boredom [Cioran]
If you lack beliefs, boredom is your martyrdom [Cioran]
No one is brave enough to say they don't want to do anything; we despise such a view [Cioran]
History is the bloody rejection of boredom [Cioran]
It is better to watch the hours pass, than trying to fill them [Cioran]
Fear cures boredom, because it is stronger [Cioran]
Boredom is serious, not just uncomfortable; it threatens our psychic survival [Frankfurt]
Psychopaths may just be bored, because they cannot participate in normal emotional life [Singer]
Boredom is apathy and restlessness, yearning for something interesting [Kekes]
Boredom destroys our ability to evaluate [Kekes]
We can be unaware that we are bored [Svendsen]
Boredom is so radical that suicide could not overcome it; only never having existed would do it [Svendsen]
We are bored because everything comes to us fully encoded, and we want personal meaning [Svendsen]
The profoundest boredom is boredom with boredom [Svendsen]