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7. Existence / D. Theories of Reality / 6. Physicalism

[reality consists entirely of material things in space-time]

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Some alarming thinkers think that only things which you can touch exist [Plato]
Materialists cannot explain change [Aristotle, by Politis]
Astronomical movements are blessed, but they don't need the help of the gods [Epicurus]
Every part of the universe is body, and non-body is not part of it [Hobbes]
Philosophical problems are resolved into empirical facts [Marx/Engels]
Every worldly event, without exception, is a redistribution of microphysical states [Quine]
My ontology is quarks etc., classes of such things, classes of such classes etc. [Quine]
Reality is entirely particles in force fields [Searle]
'Physical facts determine all the facts' is the physicalists' slogan [Kim]
Gravitational and electrical fields are, for a materialist, distressingly empty of material [Harré/Madden]
Materialism is (roughly) that two worlds cannot differ without differing physically [Lewis]
Physicalism needs more than global supervenience on the physical [Horgan,T]
Materialism requires that physics be causally complete [Horgan,T]
Some suggest that materialism is empty, because 'physical' cannot be properly characterized [Mellor/Crane, by Papineau]
For physicalists, the only relations are spatial, temporal and causal [Robinson,H]
Physicalism says in any two physically indiscernible worlds the positive facts are the same [Chalmers, by Bennett,K]
Nonreductive materialism says upper 'levels' depend on lower, but don't 'reduce' [Lynch/Glasgow]
The hallmark of physicalism is that each causal power has a base causal power under it [Lynch/Glasgow]
Physicalism is 'part-whole' (all parts are physical), or 'supervenience/levels' (dependence on physical) [Ladyman/Ross]
Definitions of physicalism are compatible with a necessary God [Bennett,K]