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15. Nature of Minds / A. Nature of Mind / 1. Mind / e. Questions about mind

[questions to be decided about the mind]

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Is the function of the mind management, authority and planning - or is it one's whole way of life? [Plato]
Minds are hard-wired, or trial-and-error, or experimental, or full self-aware [Dennett, by Heil]
I say psychology is intentional, semantics is informational, and thinking is computation [Fodor]
In CRTT thought may be represented, content must be [Fodor]
The only serious mind-brain theories now are identity, token identity, realization and supervenience [Papineau]
The three theories are reduction, dualism, eliminativism [Rey]
Different generations focus on either the quality of mind, or its scientific standing, or the content of thought [Heil]
Types are properties, and tokens are events. Are they split between mental and physical, or not? [Sturgeon]
Mindless bodies are zombies, bodiless minds are ghosts [Sturgeon]
The main questions are: is mind distinct from body, and does it have unique properties? [Lowe]