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15. Nature of Minds / A. Nature of Mind / 1. Mind / d. Location of mind

[decided where the mind is located]

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Alcmaeon was the first to say the brain is central to thinking [Alcmaeon, by Staden, von]
The mind is in the middle of the breast, because there we experience fear and joy [Lucretius]
The mind is a part of a man, just like a hand or an eye [Lucretius]
Galen showed by experiment that the brain controls the body [Galen, by Hankinson]
The soul is everywhere and nowhere in the body, and must be its cause [Porphyry]
The soul is in the brain, as shown by head injuries [Montaigne]
A meeting of man and animal can be deterritorialization (like a wasp with an orchid) [Deleuze]
Representations are in the head, but their content is not, as stories don't exist in their books [Dretske]
Externalists say minds depend on environment for their very existence and identity [Lowe]