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28. God / A. Divine Nature / 6. Divine Morality / c. God is the good

[view of morality as identical with God]

14 ideas
A new concept of God as unswerving goodness emerges from Socrates' commitment to virtue [Vlastos on Socrates]
God must be the epitome of goodness, and we can only approach a divine state by being as good as possible [Plato]
No one is good except God [Jesus]
God is love [John]
He that does evil has not seen God [John]
God is the supreme good, so no source of goodness could take precedence over God [Boethius]
God is the good [Boethius]
To say that God promotes what is good is false, as it sets up a goal beyond God [Spinoza]
We say God is good if we think everything he does aims at the happiness of his creatures [Hutcheson]
We can't exactly conceive virtue without the idea of God [Joubert]
Attention to a transcendent reality motivates a duty to foster the good of humanity [Weil]
The only choice is between supernatural good, or evil [Weil]
Moral philosophy needs a central concept with all the traditional attributes of God [Murdoch]
The goodness of God may be a higher form than the goodness of moral agents [Davies,B]