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6. Mathematics / A. Nature of Mathematics / 4. Using Numbers / g. Applying mathematics

[explaining the physical world using mathematics]

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Everything is subsumed under number, which is a metaphysical statics of the universe, revealing powers [Leibniz]
Scientific laws largely rest on the results of counting and measuring [Brouwer]
Brouwer regards the application of mathematics to the world as somehow 'wicked' [Brouwer, by Bostock]
The application of a system of numbers is counting and measurement [Benacerraf]
The old view is that mathematics is useful in the world because it describes the world [Kitcher]
Mathematics represents the world through structurally similar models. [Brown,JR]
Logicists say mathematics is applicable because it is totally general [George/Velleman]
How can words be used for counting if they are objects? [Hofweber]
At one level maths and nature are very similar, suggesting some deeper origin [Wolfram]
What is mathematically conceivable is absolutely possible [Meillassoux]
If mathematics purely concerned mathematical objects, there would be no applied mathematics [Oliver/Smiley]